The first Apeldoorn four-day-walking event was held in 1954 and it was organised by the Dutch Walking Association (NWB). The route started at the Bosbad in Apeldoorn. The starting point has changed multiple times, but since 2004 the building of v.v. Victoria Boys has been the beating heart of the Apeldoorn four-day-walking event. Participants were from the start enthusiastic about this accommodation: bordering the forest and with plenty of free parking space.  Since the NWB merged with the KWBN in 1 januari 2015, the organisation of the Apeldoorn four-day-walking event has been in the hands of the International Apeldoorn Four-Day-Walking Event Foundation.


The first edition of the Apeldoorn four-day-walking event had 463 participants. The following year there were slightly more participants, in 1956 there were 717 participants. The border of 2000 participants was crossed in 1983. The number of participants rose for a couple of years, until over 4000 at the turn of the century. The last couple of years there have been around 3000 walkers.


There is a maximum number of participants per distance, because the routes (sometimes small paths through the woods) cannot handle large masses. To meet the needs of the walkers for whom the longer walks of 30, 40 and 50 kilometres were too long, it was decided in 1996 to add a 20 kilometre route to the four-day-walking event. And with great success: a large portion of the participants choose this distance. Some years ago the distance of 12 kilometres was also added, so that even more walkers can enjoy a beautiful hike.