Apeldoornse Four days Marches canceled

With heavy heart we, the board of the Stichting Internationale Vierdaagse Apeldoorn have made the difficult decision that, despite the positive progression against the corona pandemic, the Apeldoornse Four days Marches on the 13th of July until the 16th of July 2021 will not take place.

We would like to explain the deliberations that lead to this decision.


The Internationale Vierdaagse Apeldoorn is an event that requires a permit to organize. This permit is classified as an event permit, which requisites an approval process that takes 3 to 6 months. The expectation is that the permit will only be picked up by the municipality in 1 to 1.5 months. With the current precarious circumstances surrounding the safety measures at the start, finish and resting locations, the allowed number of participants, the vaccination coverage, etc. our effective preparation time is too short for us to organize the four days marches.

Additional conditions

To organize the four days marches we are dependent on numerous factors.

The volunteers, who will make their own decisions and choices in these uncertain times concerning their availability, with regards to the vulnerability of their own health or their ability to take the time off. Without the help of our volunteers, we can’t organize the four days marches.

The landowners of the forests and grounds that the routes traverse. They worry about the potential size of the crowd in the forests and their effect on the animals living there.

The partnered catering at the start, finish and resting location are bound to their own roadmap of corona measures that have to be followed.

The vaccination policy and the expected vaccination coverage of the participants and volunteers during the second week of July is still precarious and is dependent on the distribution of the vaccines.

In the previous period we have investigated all the possibilities to organize the Internationale Vierdaagse Apeldoorn. Sadly we have come to the conclusion that with the current circumstances, it is still impossible to do in 2021.

We are, of course, saddened by the decision we are forced to make, and this feeling will undoubtedly be shared by our participants as well.
However, we will not abandon our participants! We are busy creating an alternative for this year, so that hikers who wanted to participate in the four days marches this year can still hike in the beautiful environments of Apeldoorn.
For this, keep your eyes on the official Internationale Vierdaagse Apeldoorn newsletters.
We will work hard so that we can meet again in 2022 (from the 12th till the 15th of July) for that years Internationale Vierdaagse Apeldoorn!