Frequently Asked Questions

Is my dog allowed to walk with me during the Apeldoorn Four-day-walking event?

Answer: No, bringing dogs along (even on a leash) is not possible. Service dogs in function are allowed, if on a leash and wearing a vest clearly showing it is a service dog. Be advised that the dogs will have to pass several cattlegrids.


Can I change my distance during the Apeldoorn Four-day-walking event?

Answer: No, the distance that you started with on the first day, will be the distance for all days. Changing your distance is possible until the day of registering (the Monday before the four-day-walking event).


Can I get my starting pass on Tuesday as well?

Answer: This is possible, but only before the starting time slot that has been allotted to your distance at the building of v.v. Victoria Boys, Berghuizerweg 153, 7312 SN Apeldoorn. Day hikers can get the starting pass on the day itself.


Are nordic walking poles allowed?

Answer: The routes are not suitable for nordic walking, so it is not allowed to use nordic walking poles. This is both for the safety of your fellow hikes and to spare you nasty comments.


What are the parking options at the starting location?

Answer: There will be plenty free parking space in the vicinity of the start. Follow the instructions of the traffic guides. Parking in the residential area is strictly forbidden.


Are there booklets with the different routes and important information?

Answer: Each participant receives a programme booklet at the registration. In it are the route maps and important information about the Apeldoorn Four-day-walking event.