Day of Hoenderloo

The closing day will first pass the beautiful and diverse forests of the Orderbos, Willemsbos and Van der Huchtbos. The 12km will then arrive at the big resting place at Caesarea (where a market with regional products will be set up) and will return past the Sprengen. The 20km will continue southward through the areas of the Gelders Landschap and the Boswachterij Ugchelen-Hoenderloo and will continue through the moorland of the Ugchelse Berg to Caesarea. The 30 and 40km will continue even further southward through the varied forests of the Boswachterij Ugchelen-Hoenderloo and will pass through Hoenderloo. The 40km will have another resting place at Het Lierderholt. Afterwards the route of the 30 and 40km will also return through the moorland of the Ugchelse Berg en the resting place Caesarea.

For the vierdaagse hikers

On to the finish! Happy music will accompany you on your last meters on your way to the well-deserved flowers and the warm reception of the organization, friends and family. Four fantastic hiking days travelled. The distance doesn’t really matter but you’ve been able to enjoy the beautiful hiking moments that Apeldoorn and the Veluwe has to offer. You’re welcome to stay for a drink and a chat. And perhaps we’ll be able to say, see you next year?