Day of Hoog Soeren:

On the third hiking day the big resting place is on the Bosweide from Berg en Bos. The 12km will be completely contained in the areas of the Orderbos and Berg and bos, the 20km will continue to Hoog Soeren. The 30 and 40km will first pass the Asselse Heide and will go through an area with forest and moorland from Staatsbosbeheer. Hoog Buurlo (sheepfold) and Radio Kootwijk (former broadcasting building) are situated further in the route of the 40km. The way back for the 30 and 40km will be via Assel and through the Asselse Heide. On this day you will walk deep into the nature reserves with the chance of encountering roe and red deer, wild boars or reptilian creatures. Be sure to also enjoy the beautiful viewpoints on this route.