Day of Het Loo

The second walking day also has major changes in the route. For example, this time the large resting place is not on the large meadow in front of Het Loo Palace (due to the large renovation and construction traffic), but in the parking lot a bit further, where in previous years the Palace Park was exited. The walkers no longer follow the broad avenue to the Palace, but after the Needle turn left, towards the stables. The route to and from the Palace Park has not changed and therefore continues through the Berg en Bos nature park. The loop of the 20 km through the Palace Park of Kroondomein Het Loo is also unchanged. This year, the beautiful avenue with a view of the back of the Palace is also being walked on. On the 30 and 40 km the number of kilometers of asphalt is greatly reduced, by leading the route to Vaassen (and for the longest distances Gortel) through forests. These distances can enjoy a new route for them through the Palace Park on the way back.