Day 1

Day of Beekbergen:

The first hiking day will be situated in the Ugchelen-Beekbergen-Loenen area. As usual the big resting place is on the grass meadow near Randerode. The route will first go through the forest area of the Orderbos and past the springs of Ugchelen. These springs were, and still are of great significance to Apeldoorn. The 20, 30 and 40km will continue through the Engeland neighbourhood and over the Enken to Beekbergen. The longer routes will then continue via the wooded area with terrains owned by, among others, the Natuurmonumenten. The 40km will continue to Loenen and will, for a small bit, pass through the Loenermark. Going back, The 20, 30 and 40km will go via Landgoed Bruggelen from Het Gelders Landschap, and will pass through the enkin and Ugchelen.