Day 1: The day of Beekbergen

Through Ugchelen all routes pass trough heavily forested areas in the direction of Beekbergen and Loenen. The longest distance passes through the Loenermark.

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Day 3: The day of Hoog Soeren

Today all distances start in the direction of Berg en Bos and continue on to Hoog Soeren, where they will pass the Asselse Heide. The longer distances will go through the sand drift of Kootwijk.

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Day 2: The day of Het Loo:

All distances pass through nature reserve Berg en Bos and the Palace park of Kroondomein Het Loo. Longer distances pass Vaassen as well.

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Day 4: The day of Hoenderloo

Traditionally, on the last hiking day all distances go through the woods to Hoenderloo and continue on to Caesarea, where there is a small farmers’ market. And then: on to the well-deserved flowers, medal and warm welcome by the organisation, friends and family!

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