There will be plenty free parking space in the vicinity of the start. Follow the instructions of the traffic guides.  You are not allowed to park on both sides of the Berghuizerweg. Cars parked here will be towed, you can only park in the designated parking spaces.

Parking in the residential area is strictly forbidden.

No Parking on both sides of the Berghuizerweg, Sportlaan on barracks side and part of Ordermolenweg. The towing arrangement shall apply. Only park in the designated parking spaces (i.e. not in the residential areas). Parking always on directions of the traffic wardens.

❶    Entrance Victoria Boys – start/finish
❷    Berghuizerweg:  No entry
❸    Place bus stop, line 6 from train station
❹    Place bus stop, line 7 from train station

P1 De Kleiberg (free parking)
P2 Parking Sportlaan only on the right side (free parking)
Sportlaan from car park KMAR and Berghuizerweg ‘one-way street’

Sportpark Orderbos
P3      Parking KV Apeldoorn (free)
P4      Parking AV’34 (free)
P5      Parking arond the Sportpark Orderbos (free)